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Making Sense Of It All ©
                Trying To Make Sense Of It All © -
Words by Michael Taub - Music by Dan Depolito - vocal by Myles Loud
Success © Target="_blank" Success © -
Words by Sharon Mark - Music by Dan Depolito
Inside Me © Inside Me © -
Production and Guitar Solo by Simon Williams -
Words by Sharon Mark -   Music by Dan Depolito
The Struggle © The Struggle © -
Music by Dan Depolito
Transformation © Transformation © -
Words and Music by Dan Depolito
Lullaby for Maija © Lullaby for Maija © -
Music by Dan Depolito
Temptation Whispers © Temptation Whispers © -
Words by Sharon Mark - Music by Dan Depolito
Rita's Song © Rita's Song © -
Music by Dan Depolito
Look To My Heart © Look To My Heart © -
Music by Dan Depolito
My humble apologies for the singing on most of these songs.  I couldn't find many  volunteers.
In spite of that, I do hope you enjoy the attempted Transformation.
I would like to thank fellow Muse Muser's Sharon Mark (Calgary, Canada) and Michael Taub (Philadelphia, PA)
for allowing me the opportunity to write the music for their lovely lyrics.
I also owe a debt of gratitude to Simon Williams (Paraparaumu, New Zealand) for his outstanding guitar solo and great production on Inside Me as well as Myles Loud for his fabulous vocal on Making Sense Of It All.
Catch them all at Muse's Muse Songwriting Message Boards.