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There is so much I could say about my experiences while living in Munich. The problem is to try and organize it meaningfully and concisely.
I should start by saying that to anyone who has the opportunity to live in another culture, just do it. You get a completely different prospective about the culture you are choosing to live in as well as your own culture. I consider myself quite lucky to have been in the right place at the right time in order to be able to enjoy the time that I had while living in Munich for a period of 9 years on three different occasions between 1981 and 1994.

Needless to say, nine years is a healthy chunk out  of any lifetime.  But the time spent in Munich went by very quickly.   Working for that Bavarian Motor Works company had lots of benefits in Bavaria.  Even though a car was not needed to travel within the Munich city limits, it was nice to have one to travel around the surrounding countries and see what life was all about there as well.

So rather than have you read all of this stuff about Munich I think I'll let some pictures describe what life was all about while living there.  Trust me when I say that the European mindset of "working to live" and not "living to work', as we Americans are used to, is alive and well on the continent. 

Here is where I spent lots of time when in downtown Munich drinking my favorite beer Edelstoff. Augustiner Restaurant

During my first stint in Munich I always loved to take the U-bahn (subway) downtown and do my shopping in the Viktualienmakt (Munich's most famous farmers market). From there I would go just around the corner to my little Italian store and by my favorite cheeses, breads, wines and meats. Just as I'm doing  here with my dad.


It's all about work

Travels while living in the heart of Europe