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The songs below (13 in all) are either musical transcriptions (T) or arrangements (A) of songs
from artists that I have enjoyed listening to and tried to emulate throughout the years.

All songs with the exception of Spanish Harlem, It Might Be You and No Son Of Mine were re-mastered on 09/22/2017.

It has always been my belief that if you want try to get as good as those artists were and are,
you need to be able to play what they sang and played.

Of course, it would also help to have had 10,000 hours of practice under my belt and a better singing voice as well.
Okay, so I cheated. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the listen. I enjoyed the process.

P.S. These songs were originally recorded in the early 90s in Buchenau, Germany, using an Atari 1040ST computer, running Cubase 3.0. Keyboard was a Korg 01/W with some help from an E-mu Proteus II rack-mount synth.
Primitive quality home recording stuff by today's standards. Only the stereo two-track mixes remained.
Back in 2003 I attempted to remix what was left and this is the results, with added re-mastering.

Denise was recorded in 2013 in Palm Harbor, FL using a Hammond XK3C.
                Groovin - The Rascals (T) 2:39
Good Lovin 
                Good Lovin - The Rascals (T) 2:32
                Love Look What You've Done To Me - Boz Scaggs (T) 5:24
                She Could Be Mine - Dave Grusin (T) 5:28
                Harbor Lights - Boz Scaggs (T) 6:17
                Feel So Good - Chuck Mangione (A) 4:06
                Denise - Richard 'Groove' Holmes (A) 3:08
                Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King (A) 2:01
Livin_Soul Livin Soul - Richard 'Groove' Holmes (A) 2:18
It_Might_Be_You It Might Be You - Dave Grusin (T) 5:01
                No Son Of Mine - Phil Collins (T) 6:14
Tequila Tequila - The Champs (A) 3:27
The_Stranger The Stranger - Billy Joel (T) 5:17