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The first four songs on this page are original copyrighted © songs performed by Inkeri Abbotts & Simon McKay

     Sad Illusion ©
     Outside Influence ©
     It's All For You ©
     Oh Mama Oh ©

Baby Now That I Found You -
Vocal by Inkeri Abbotts (in the UK) with music performed by Dan Depolito (in the USA)
Fields Of Gold -
Dan Depolito Electric Piano only version of Eva Cassidy's arrangement. Is there anyone who would care to sing this song
for me?
Missing Something ©
I used to frequent the Muse's Muse songwriting website.
There were a few talented songwriters at the Muse.
One, a Tracy Lundgren, presented a song she was having problems finishing and ask what did the song need?
I humbly provided a bridge and a little background singing.
The results ....
Just A Man ©
A song written and sung by Alister Williams, produced with instrumental parts by his brother Simon Williams (in NZ) and piano parts performed by Dan Depolito (in the USA)
Tapestry ©
Written, performed and produced by Simon Williams Another talented songwriter I met on Muse's Muse