It took a lot of convincing, after Winston passed on, to get another puppy, and we were just out for a pizza that afternoon. OK, so I'm not telling the whole truth. But that evening we returned with this little white bundle. Winston, I have to say, does live up to his regal name. When we vacationed on Nantucket and he was only two, everyone would stop and pet him and ask what is name was. When we replied "Winston" these folks would always reply back, "Oh so this is Winston". Winston is such a laid back guy. It must be his Italian heritage. He's a que sera sera kinda' guy. Thank goodness for that too because Beau is completely the opposite. Always has to be the center of attention and always has to be first for his food, first in the car to the park and first to be petted, when ever, where ever. Winston on the other hand just take life one day at a time. But don't get him too close to a pool or he'll run like hell away.

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