What a blast we had that weekend playing a concert at our lead singers Messina Hof Winery in Bryan Texas. True it was a long way from home where we all grew up in Northern NJ, but it was a reunion that I doubt any of us will forget. I'll speak for myself when I say that after returning home from that weekend, it was so depressing after having such a great time with the guys.

The list of songs on this page were performed by the Brookwoods at their 30 Year Re-Union practice session in March 1996. These recordings were the result of a one day practice session together with yours truly adding some solo’s and background singing in an effort to make up for our sax player, Jimmy, who couldn’t make the session.

Unfortunately the engineer that was supposed to be mixing the sound for the live performance on August 5th 1996, decided that he would prefer to mix drinks that night.
For better or worse, this compilation is all that remains of the Brookwoods recordings.

If anyone remembers the winter of '96 you will recall lots of snow fell that year. Paul was already in the Big Apple for a wine tasting and Sal was driving down from Boston for the one-day practice. Jimmy was unavailable for the practice and probably wouldn't have shown up for the Re-Union gig if he had. Although Dan didn't need to travel, his fingers could have traveled a little faster to catch up to what he actually wanted to play sometimes. Bon still is able to Ad Lib lyrics with the best of them and The Riz, despite the four-hour drive through the snow, still managed to keep things on a fairly even keel. Well, let's just say he kept everybody above water, the frozen kind that is.

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