This is Beau Beau's place. He's been with us since 1998. We felt that Winston needed a playmate since he was left all alone during the day. As you will see, he was not so thrilled as we were when Beau made his first appearance on the scene. Beau is a real Schmuzelhund. What's that you ask? He likes to cuddle like a cat and schmuzes us to death. (Until he gets what he's after of course). In the mornings when we awake, he bothers Jo until she feeds him. Cupboard love she says. Then when he's satisfied he comes over to me and bothers me until I take him to the park with his brother.

beausfirstnightoutofhiskennel_small.jpg thefirstnightthatwinstonhadtogiveuphisownbedtolittlebro_small.jpg beausfirstdayhome_small.jpg
beauandmama_small.jpg beauandwinstonatringwoodstatepark_small.jpg happy_go_lucky_Beau_small.jpg

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